G.Skill 8GB DDR4 3200MHz Flare X (Performance Series) Desktop RAM #F4-3200C14D-16GFX

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G.Skill 8GB DDR4 3200MHz Flare X (Performance Series) Desktop RAM #F4-3200C14D-16GFX

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Model - G.Skill 8GB Flare X
Capacity(MB) - 8GB
Type - DDR4
Part No - F4-3200C14D-16GFX
G.Skill 8GB Flare X
Capacity (GB/TB)
RAM Type
Bus Speed(MHz)
CAS Latency
Number of Pin
288 Pin
Flare X (for AMD Ryzen)
Product life time
Part No


Flare X

Rebirth of the Legendary AMD Performance Series

Designed for the AMD Ryzen™ processor family, the Flare X series DDR4 memory kit marks the return of the legendary Flare memory that provided awesome performance in the previous generation of DDR memory. Upgrade your next AMD system into the ultimate gaming rig or a powerful workstation with the Flare X series DDR4 memory!


Designed for AMD Platforms

Returning from the ashes, the new AMD architecture features a completely different set of memory enhancements, requiring a new approach. The Flare X memory series is designed with a distinct characteristic to optimize compatibility with the latest AMD Ryzen platform.


Faster Transfer Speed

Available in memory speeds starting from DDR4-2133MHz, the Flare X series delivers high speed memory performance to efficiently transfer data for each of the cores on AMD Ryzen processors.


Experience Performance

Each and every single Flare X memory kit is tested under G.SKILL's rigorous testing process to ensure the best performance, compatibility, and stability on your AMD system.


Power Efficient

Designed with a low voltage of 1.2V~1.35V at DDR4 standard, this lowers the memory voltage requirement by 20% from DDR3 memory kits! Now your system can perform even faster without becoming an expensive appliance heater.



Model - G.Skill 8GB Flare X, Capacity(MB) - 8GB, Type - DDR4, Bus Speed(MHz) - 3200MHz, Number of Pin - 288-pin, CAS Latency - 14, Voltage - 1.35V, Others - Flare X (for AMD Ryzen), Part No - F4-3200C14D-16GFX, Warranty - Product Lifetime

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Flare X (for AMD Ryzen)