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Netgear ReadyNAS RR231200 12 Bays Rackmount Storage (Upto 144TB Storage Support,Intel Atom C3538 Quad Core Processor,2GB DDR4, Supports SATA/SSD 3.5 inch Disk, 4xGigabit Lan)

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Netgear ReadyNAS RR231200 12 Bays Rackmount Storage (Upto 144TB Storage Support,Intel Atom C3538 Quad Core Processor,2GB DDR4, Supports SATA/SSD 3.5 inch Disk, 4xGigabit Lan)

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Model - Netgear ReadyNAS RR231200
Processor - Intel Atom C3538 Quad Core Processor
Drive Type - SATA/SSD 3.5 inch
Bays Qty - 12 Bays
Max Capacity - 144TB
Netgear ReadyNAS RR231200
Processor Model
Intel Atom C3538 Quad Core Processor
12 Bays
Drive Type
Max. Capacity
Lan Port
4 x Gigabit Lan
5 Year


Netgear ReadyNAS RR231200 12 Bays Rackmount Storage


ReadyNAS 2312

1U 12-bay with up to 144 TB storage

Ideal solution for high-performance storage, collaboration and data backup for small and medium size businesses

Industry’s highest storage density in a 1U form factor

Its 12 bay design and quad gigabit Ethernet interface offer high performance and data scalability, enabling a low initial investment with growth potential. ReadyNAS 2312 features a full suite of ReadyNAS OS business features, such as 5 levels of data protection, automated backup and disaster recovery. ReadyNAS: Your data. Your Business. Protected.


ReadyNAS, a comprehensive storage and backup solution


Your data. Your business. Protected.

  • Intuitive remote management & monitoring
  • Cloud backup (Amazon, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Azure)
  • Choice of storage capacity & hardware (from 2 to 60 bays, desktop or rackmount)
  • Team collaboration with anywhere secure access
  • High-performance large file storage & streaming
  • Business continuity with all-inclusive backup


High Density Network Storage Solution for SMBs


NETGEAR introduces ReadyNAS 2312, the industry’s first 12-bay network attached storage solution in a 1U form factor, a design that represents the highest storage density on the storage market.  ReadyNAS 2312 is ideal for data backup and IP based surveillance video management, recording and storage.

For even higher-density deployments, you can also consider ReadyNAS 4360X. It offers unmatched performance, capacity and reliability storage solution to the SMB with 60 Bays in just 4U!


ReadyNAS: Your best backup plan against ransomware


Ransomware is about using a stolen user credential to encrypt data, ask for money in exchange of a decryption key so the owner of the data can recover the data

ReadyNAS Snapshot takes continuous backup of a share.  When the hacker encrypts a share, the user can simply to go to the snapshot and “roll back” and recover the data

MORE IMPORTANTLY, the snapshot is saved in a separate Share and the share is NOT writable. NOT even the admin can write to it. YOU CAN NOT ENCRYPT WHAT YOU CAN NOT WRITE.



5 levels of data protection


  • Flex-RAID, including RAID 50 and RAID 60 for enhanced performance and fault tolerance
  • Built-in anti-virus
  • Incremental backup copies with unlimited snapshots
  • Bit-rot protection against media degradation
  • Easy-to-setup replication and backup services to public cloud or a second ReadyNAS for disaster recovery


Virtualized storage for the office

ReadyNAS is also VMWare vSphere ESXi 6.0 certified for high-performance virtualized storage with workload-heavy VM support. Build your own Private Cloud for data compliance and privacy which might not be compatible with public cloud solutions.




Model - Netgear ReadyNAS RR231200, RAM - 2GB DDR4, Processor - Intel Atom C3538 Quad Core Processor, Drive Type - SATA/SSD 3.5 inch, Bays Qty - 12 Bays, Max Capacity - 144TB, Lan Port - 4 x Gigabit Lan, Warranty - 5 years

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Upto 144TB Storage Supported

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