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RYANS Product Book

Periodically published price catalogues. Select your desired issue and scroll to read.

Please be Noted

We introduced Ryans Product Book in February 2009 intending to make customers' experience easy. The first edition was a 24-page catalogue. The response we got from the customers was so inspiring that we focused on the improvement of the publication. Ryans Product Book has become a 128-page price catalogue and an essential part of a customer's journey in the IT sector of Bangladesh.

After 14 years of regular publication, we have felt that now it's time to stop. In this digital era, we are focusing more on our website "" which can be a better replacement for the Product Book. This website is enriched with information about products and new technology. Moreover, it is a live site where new data are updated every single minute. So, we hope that our website will meet your requirement for data and information.

The last printed version of Ryans Product Book was published in December 2022. We are not going to publish the printed version of the Ryans Product Book any more.