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Wacom Cintiq Pro DTH-3220 31.5 Inch Creative Pen Touch Display Graphics Tablet

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Wacom Cintiq Pro DTH-3220 31.5 Inch Creative Pen Touch Display Graphics Tablet

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Quick Overview

  • Connectivity Mode USB

Wacom Cintiq Pro DTH-3220

Product Type
Creative Pen Touch Display Graphics Tablet

Part No

Display Details
Display Size (Inch)

Display Technology
IPS UHD high brightness panel

Display Aspect Ratio

Display Viewing Angle
90 degree (64 degree vertical, 26 degree horizontal)

Display Contrast Ratio

Display Brightness
310 cd/m2

Display Response Time

Active Area
697 X 392mm


Technical Information
Express/Shortcut Key
17 customizable, application-specific

Touch Ring

Ports & Connectivity
Connectivity Mode

Pen Information
10 (6 standard, 4 felt)

Pen Model
Wacom Pro Pen 2

Pen Pressure Level

Tilt Range
60 degrees

Tilt Recognition
+- 60 levels

Pen Switch
Tip switch, 2 side switches

Pen Grip
Latex-free silicone rubber

Desktop Pen Stand

Tablet/Display Battery
Rechargable Li-ion battery

System Requirement/Compatibility
Windows 7 or later (latest service pack/build), Mac: OS X 10.11 or later

Physical Description
Product Size/Dimensions
854 x 506 x 53.25mm

Tablet/Display Weight
13 Kg

1 year

Additional Info
Wacom Cintiq Pro 31.5 give you something priceless: space. So much, in fact, that you won`t waste time searching for that reference image or opening and closing different programs on a secondary screen. And there`ll be less zooming in and out too. Now you can save time and take control of your creativity, for a more efficient, controlled workspace, No moving between different screens, No need to keep switching windows, Save time with less zooming in and out, Always see the whole picture, The beauty of Wacom Cintiq Pro 31.5 with Flex Arm is its versatility. Despite being big, it`s also surprisingly flexible. Light as a feather, you can tilt it to a better angle, maneuver closer for a working position that suits you, or push it to the side to free space when needed, Perfect for working your magic at a standing desk, Great for getting the job done while taking a load off, Move it out of the way when you need some extra desk space, With 31.5 inch of 4K resolution (3840 x 2160px) to play with and superb color accuracy (98% of Adobe RGB coverage, CIE1931), be immersed in every detail of your daring creations, whether that`s 3D modelling or illustration for game development, The etched glass screen provides a distinct, tactile experience as you draw, mimicking the feel of a pen on paper, And with minimized parallax, and a screen strong enough to resist pooling and rippling, each mark appears precisely where you expect it, every time

Displayable colors (maximum): 1.07 billion colors (10 bits color), Color Gamut: Adobe RGB at CIE1931, Coverage Ratio: 98%, Industry Standard Pre-sets: 6500 degree K whitepoint default, Graphics Input: USB type C port (supporting Display: Port Alternate Mode) or DisplayPort or HDMI 2.0 port (required for 3840 x 2160 resolution), eraser, Pen Stand: Yes, Radial Menu: Yes, Display toggle: Yes, Dedicated pan, scroll, zoom, brush size: Yes, ExpressKey Remote dimensions: 135 x 52 x 10 mm, ExpressKey Remote continuous operation: Up to 160 hours, if a key is pressed every 30 seconds, ExpressKey Remote charge time: Up to 2 hours, Ports included: 4 x USB3 ports, 1 x USB C port, 1 x USB3 port (Upstream port connected to computer), 1 x HDMI2.0 port ,1 x DisplayPort, 1 USB-A Port ( For ExpressKey Remote dongle), Power Supply Input: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60HZ, Power Supply Output: 19.5V / 9.23A, Security: Kensington Lock Port



Customer Questions
Can I get 4K resolution if my computer does not have USB type C?
By Nayem
No, you need to be connected to USB-C to get 4K resolution.
By Ryans Computers Ltd.
What is the level of pressure sensitivity of Wacom Pro Pen 2?
By Sithi
The Wacom Pro Pen 2 comes with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. It enables smooth and responsive drawing and writing.
By Ryans Computers Ltd.
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Customer Reviews
If you are looking for a premier level creative pen & drawing tablet, then you should go for Wacom Cintiq Pro DTH-3220 31.5 Inch Creative Pen Touch Display Graphics Tablet. This one is featuring a 31.5" IPS display with a 3840 x 2160 4K resolution. With a drawing tablet, you will get a Wacom Pro pen 2. This is the latest technology Wacom has come up with. This pen is quite stylish, customizable and light at weight. It provides you with a smooth and responsive writing or drawing experience. You will also get a ExpressKey Remote that has 18 plus custom application-specific keys to function. It can be used as your secondary monitor too. In terms of color accuracy, it has 98% of the Adobe RGB color space and supports 1.07 billion colors! That is the highest number of its type. Although it has quite a good display, its touch screen option is not as smooth as your mobile phone. So all in all, this one is a worthy creative touch display monitor to buy for sure. I got it from Ryans Computers. They are selling it at a special price.
By Rashed Hoque
By nowshin habiba
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