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ZKTeco AL20B Lever Lock With Touch Screen and Bluetooth

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ZKTeco AL20B Lever Lock With Touch Screen and Bluetooth

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Product Id: 127.06.691.45

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Quick Overview

  • Fingerprint Capacity 100
Additional Info
ZKTeco AL20B

Fingerprint Capacity

Power Adapter
4 x AA Alkaline Battery (NOT supplied)

73 x 179 x 37mm (Front), 73 x 179 x 27mm (Back)

Lever Lock With Touch Screen and Bluetooth, 30mm Thinness, Alarm Mode, Back Up Power, BLE 4.0, Lock Out Mode, Random Password, Reversible Handle Design, Voice Guide Programming, Volume Adjustment

User Capcity: 100, Password Capacity: 100, Material: Zinc Alloy, Mortise Type: American mortise, Door Thickness: 30-54 mm (standard), Wireless Module: BLE 4.0

Additional Accessories (Not Included)
31.048.01 Twinmos Patch Cord (20 Meter), 130.691.02 ZKTeco LM-1802 Electromagnetic Lock, 130.691.11 ZKTeco LM-2805 Electromagnetic Lock, 130.691.04 ZKTeco LMB-180L L Bracket, 130.691.09 Zkteco LMB-180U U Bracket, 130.691.10 ZKTeco EX-800B Exit Button (Size86L,86W, 20T(mm)), 130.197.29 Installation for Access Control

Necessary Accessories (Not Included)
A. Lock 180Kg 127.09.691.02 ZKTeco LM-1802 Electromagnetic Lock 127.09.691.03 ZKTeco AL-180D Electromagnetic Doub Bracket for wooded door 127.09.691.04 ZKTeco LMB-180L L Bracket Bracket for Glass door 127.09.691.09 Zkteco LMB-180U U Brack B. Lock for 280kg 127.09.691.11 ZKTeco LM-2805 Electromagnetic Lock 127.09.691.05 ZKTeco AL-280 (LED) Electromagnetic Lock 127.09.691.14 ZKTeco AL-280D (LED) Electromagnetic Double Lock Bracket for wooded door 127.09.691.12 ZKTeco LMB-280L Electromagnetic Lock L Bracket Bracket for Glass door 127.09.691.13 ZKTeco AL-280PU Electromagnetic Lock U Bracket C. Optional Z Bracket 127.09.691.07 Zkteco Z bracket for LM-2802 (280kg) D. Exit Button 127.09.691.10 ZKTeco EX-800B Exit Button (Size 86L,86W, 20T(mm) E. Exit Reader F. Cat 6 Cable G. RJ 45 Connector

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